proMtec is a leading supplier using microwave transmission for a precise industrial measurement of the density/ concentration of liquids direct in the process.

The product range covers here special sensors for the installation in piping and for containers and apparatuses in the industrial production. The sensors measures thereby directly in the main stream of the process. This guarantees a cleaner, clear measurement solution directly in the process cycle.

Individual application specific adjustment

The majority of the delivered sensors require a product - and application-specific adjustment. Here stands proMtec with their know-how for world-wide start-up and calibration services. With this proMtec not only offers a High-tec product, proMtec offers the comprehensive solution to a measuring problem in the industrial process - also in “production unfriendly environments“.

A leader in the sugar industry

proMtec offers - beside many other industries in the area of food and basic industries - almost for all manufacturing plants and refineries in the sugar industry application-specific measuring solutions based on microwave technology.

The brand name proMtec stands for the leadership in brix and density measurement of sugar juice as well as for controlling the sugar crystallization process.

Highest quality, flexibility and internationality

proMtec stands for solutions specifically adapted on customer needs in the microwave measuring technique. Philosophy, vision and way of proMtec lead the enterprise from its first days to its world-wide international adjustment.

Produced in the Black Forest, world-wide well known for the production of precise, high-quality products, and with South Germany convenient in the High Tech region this High Tech quality and precision also appears in the products and applications of proMtec. It is for particular importance to proMtec to have a constant development and training of their highly-qualified engineers, technicians and service co workers.